Joy Boat Service was founded in 1968 by Mr. Eric William Kemps Kempitiya and his brother Mr. Patrick William Kemps Kempitiya and at present it is being managed by Mr. Errol Kemps Kempitiya.

This was started about 47 years ago by the Kemps family and it is still within the family.They started with one boat and now they own eight boats which can accommodate 18 to 20 passengers on each boat with all the life saving jackets provided including safety instruments. They are the first to introduce life saving jackets to passengers in Sri Lanka.

History tells that among the numerous attractions in Kandy, the boat ride in the lake is enjoyed by both locals and foreigners. This is located by much visited Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth Relic) and the Queens Hotel. Joy Boat Service is open throughout the year. At the inception it cost Rs.5 per head for the locals as well as foreigners. The Lake has a circumference of two miles and 46ft and is 46ft at maximum depth.

Now the prices have gone up due to taxes and rising fuel prices making the boat rides sometimes a little costly so that Joy Boat Service might be experiencing some financial difficulties too.

Even though there are so many obstacles Mr. Errol Kemps Kempitiya is successfully continuing the Joy Boat Service as well as the name of the family- Kemps. The pillar of success has always been an open minded and friendly management style and an excellent team of staff members who constantly thrive to provide the best service. The boat service is more recreational activity to Mr. Errol Kemps Kempitiya than a business venture which he holds very close to his heart.

“Even-though the boat service was suspended several times during the 30 years of Civil War due to security issues, I brought the Boat Service forward enduring every obstacle . Now the war is over & everything is calm & quiet, therefore please give your precious support and acquiescence to me. We maintain Joy Boat Yard for over 47 years without any support.” – Mr.Errol Kemps Kempitiya