Services of Joy Boat Kandy

  • Over 66 lives have been rescued by Joy Boat Service from vehicle accidents, accidents due to elephant mock during the Perahara season, suicide attempts and due to many more reasons. It’s a fortune of all of us that Joy Boat Services saved so may lives in several Elephant stampedes.

  • Giving the knowledge of riding Engine Boats and technical knowledge to Police Life Saving officers.

  • Supplying with Engine Boats to Sri Lanka Police, Kandy Municipal Council, Irrigation Department Kandy & many Governmental Departments for various campaigns free of charge when necessary.

  • Providing with our boat services free of charge for individuals with disabilities when they wish.

  • Providing with Engines and Boats to Police Life Saving officers for over 45 years at the time when Sri Dalada Perahera is taking place at Kandy.

  • Offering plenty of services to victims of flood when such kind of disaster is occurring.

  • Even-though the engines of 15 hp(horsepower) are allowed, engines of 8 hp(horsepower) are being used and each boat is having a spare engine to face any type of circumstance.

  • In the near future Joy Boat Service plans to introduce recreational rowing boats and peddling boats.

  • Joy boat service has been extended to south Sudan – River Nile